Welcome to OCO Connect - OCO Connect

Welcome to OCO Connect

Change has always been a constant at OCO over 20+ years, but the last 3 years in particular has been the most profound period of change we have all seen…

  • Industry sectors are transforming at breakneck speed
  • Global Trade and Investment patterns have been altered owing to the pandemic, geopolitics etc.
  • And business is increasingly being done in a different way – digitally and led by data

Our own business, and the clients that we serve have also been changing. Who could have predicted that we would be running a significant Trade programme between UK and Tunisia, investment attraction for a water industry association in Greater Cleveland, or supporting female Tech entrepreneurs in Egypt…?

There are constants here. Sectors, Markets, Outcomes – a given. But increasingly it’s about connectivity, collaboration, and communities to drive the outcomes that our clients expect.

And so to CONNECT.

Take VELOCITI, add many hours spent designing and building new features in home offices over lockdown, incorporate a nascent product we identified being developed elsewhere, and we now have CONNECT, which can enhance the way that all of our existing clients do business, as well as opening up new segments and revenue streams for OCO. And we have only just got started, the product launch is only the beginning.