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Advantages of community platforms for cluster organisations

Why cluster organisations would benefit from using a white-label business community platform  

Clusters are based on the simple yet effective idea that collaboration within a local, related ecosystem can lead to increased competitiveness. In today’s fast-paced business environment, where everyone is looking for that edge, the online community is emerging as a model with significant potential for cluster organisations.  

Getting started with a community platform is often the hardest part of the journey. However, white-label solutions are the perfect way to get your members to enjoy the benefits of an online system without a large upfront investment in resources or expertise. 

And there certainly are benefits. Below we list four ways that an online community will help members and cluster managers. 

Communication inspires engagement 

Managers and administrators of cluster organisations can use an online platform as a place to share best practices, news and run events. The ability to include more user-friendly formats such as video and podcasts will also mean more engagement than traditional email newsletters.  

More engagement is a stepping stone towards collaboration among members, the holy grail of a successful cluster. 

This is where the online community comes into its own. When your cluster organisation has its own community platform, it creates a trusted space for members to communicate, share information, and collaborate on projects. This can help to build stronger relationships between members and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources. 

And collaboration matters, as research has found that 76% of companies believe partnerships are pivotal in delivering revenue goals. 

Make your networks more social 

Your cluster is a network of companies and organisations that all have a shared passion for their industry. However, how easy is it for them to meet in person and make those all-important connections?  

Using an online platform, you can build out your contacts database from a spreadsheet to an informative community directory. This will allow members to learn more about the interests and specialisms of peers, and facilitate connections that spark collaboration and innovation. 

Increase your brand exposure 

The advantage of a white-label solution is that you can easily transform a site to look and feel like your cluster brand. This not only looks good but helps to create a more cohesive and professional image that will be attractive to existing members and help you recruit new members. 

Internationally, a customised site can increase visibility and exposure in a global market. Promoting your cluster organisation internationally is a way to gain new contacts around the world and allows your members to connect with potential partners in new locations. 

Streamline your operations 

A community platform can also help streamline your operations. That central hub reduces the need for email, calls, and in-person meetings. This can be a game changer on the limited resources available to the vast majority of cluster organisations.  

Get started today 

By improving communication and collaboration, increasing visibility and exposure, enhancing branding, improving member engagement, and streamlining operations, an online community platform can drive the success of an organisation.  

If you are part of a cluster organisation, it is worth considering the use of an online community platform to help achieve your goals. OCO Connect can help. Our White-Label Digital platform has been created to ensure that cluster organisations can have maximum impact from a set of carefully designed features. Contact us today to find out more.