ENGAGE - OCO Connect


With OCO CONNECT you help your members get to know each other better and start to build the conversations that drive innovation and growth. Provide members with the space to highlight themselves and mix with others.


Create subgroups
Develop interactive shop window
Invite other groups to join yours – creating bigger communities


Create sub-groups around particular topics, sectors or markets

Benefits for you

  • Bring members together around topics, sectors, markets and opportunities relevant to them
  • Create new sub groups when required with no extra cost
  • Increase member usage and interaction by providing a safe space for engagement

Benefits for your members

  • Collaborate with other members on the topics that matter
  • Explore new topics, sectors and markets to learn from the experts
  • Test new ideas in a safe space with fellow members


Plan and host a range of digital and physical events – webinars, conferences, missions etc.

Benefits for you

  • Increase your options for hosting member events with online options
  • Record and publish events on the platform to increase their reach
  • Co-ordinate physical events, visits, and missions in one dedicated space
  • Maintain the meeting momentum with a dedicated space for post-event follow up

Benefits for your members

  • Increase their opportunities to learn and network with more events than ever
  • Never miss a key event with easy access to recordings
  • Interact with fellow members pre and post event
  • Receive all their information for physical events in one place

Customized Programs

Guiding diverse companies on personalized journeys to achieve successful business outcomes

Benefits for You

  • Craft customized growth trajectories for suppliers and buyers, ensuring targeted support and engagement.
  • Oversee and monitor program progress, ensuring alignment with objectives and timely interventions.
  • Foster active participation and collaboration among diverse companies, enhancing program success.
  • Measure and report on program outcomes, demonstrating value and impact to stakeholders.

Benefits for Your Members:

  • Receive tailored guidance and resources, ensuring a growth journey aligned with specific needs and objectives.
  • Engage with relevant buyers or suppliers, fostering meaningful conversations and potential business opportunities.
  • Access specialized counsel from an extensive network of experts, ensuring prompt and effective support.
  • Participate in a vibrant community of peers, sharing insights, experiences, and best practices.

Ecosystem Connector

Invite other groups on Connect to join your group

Benefits for you

  • Offer members a unique opportunity to connect with relevant ecosystems
  • Increase your brand awareness across sectors and internationally

Benefits for your members

  • Build relationships with other ecosystems
  • Find new customers, suppliers or partners
  • Learn from similar communities around the world