Streamline your prospecting with VELOCITI

The primary aim of VELOCITI is to assist you with the identification of investor prospects to realise your business attraction strategy. VELOCITI helps finding high potential expansion opportunities based on pre-defined key markets and sectors. VELOCITI can provide valuable assistance in achieving your investment attraction objectives with its multiple features – one of those being our unique Exhibitor Analysis service.


What is an Exhibitor Analysis?

An exhibitor analysis provides you with pre-qualified targets for international expansion which are attending a specified trade show. Attending trade shows is a great way to network and one of the most effective ways of meeting prospects, with thousands of companies and key decision makers in attendance at the same location! But how do you focus on those meetings with relevance and impact? VELOCITI helps to short-list the most dynamic exhibitors with interest to expand into your region – so you can meet those companies actively seeking new investment.

VELOCITI analyses the exhibiting companies at the most relevant international trade shows – these are posted to our platform and visible to you approximately 6 weeks before the show. We can also offer a tailored analysis on more niche shows or providing in-depth insights into our pre-selected shows. This allows the research to be tailored for your demands – helping to deliver the best possible results when attending.

VELOCITI utilises both its unique algorithm to help narrow a large target list but also provides qualitative insights. This involves assessing companies on Key Performance Indicators including Revenue growth, Profit Growth, Funding Rounds, Strategic Hires, Previous Expansions, among many others, helping to qualify the most suitable targets. The short-listed companies are further screened providing signals for expansion enabling you to get in touch for an informed location pitch.

We plan to analyse ten international trade shows, with our analysis well under way! See below the calendar for 2020.



What do you receive with a personalised analysis?

  • A target list of companies in expansion mode based on your key markets and sectors within the trade show
  • Key company information including: VELOCITI rating, Company summary, Address, Employee size, Sector and Sub-sector, Overseas Presence etc.
  • Rationale for short-listing as a target for your region/location
  • Key and relevant decision makers, including position and contact information


What are the benefits?

  • A Time Saver – researching a trade show with thousands of exhibitors can take weeks to analyse! Using our VELOCITI algorithm and experienced research team we can cut this time down significantly and you can focus on the most relevant exhibitors
  • Personalised to Your Needs – We can provide a personalised analysis based on your specific needs or rationale for selection. This allows only targets to be provided that fit your selection criteria
  • Provision of Key Decision Makers – Contact information can be hard and time consuming to find – A personalised analysis will provide you with this information and increase your probability of setting up valuable meetings
  • Valuable Company Insights – OCO/VELOCITI have an experienced research team in FDI and who have analysed multiple trade shows. We are able to provide detailed insights into why each company is a suitable target for expansion
  • Provides Key Targets Even If You Aren’t Attending – These lists will contain some of the top performing companies within the relevant sector. With over three years of historical lists, these can be analysed to find key targets, even if you don’t attend.
  • Trade Show Advise – Unsure of what trade shows to attend or analyse? The VELOCITI team can advise on what are the best shows within your region and whether they are suitable for FDI. Helping to ensure you attend the most relevant shows and achieve the best results.


You can utilise our Exhibitor analysis directly via our VELOCITI platform or request a custom analysis based on a trade show of your choice. If you are interested in hearing more, please get in contact.