With OCO CONNECT you create a platform for year-round engagement. Provide members with the tools to interact with each other and watch your organisation evolve into a fully functioning business community.


Messaging function
Arrange meetings (online or in person)
Conduct meetings
Share information

The Interchange

Tools to allow members to message each other, arrange meetings (online or in-person), conduct meetings, and share information in secure settings.

Benefits for you

  • Create a space for members to interact with others beyond physical events
  • Build trust in your platform by setting the rules of engagement
  • Offer value added services by facilitating tailored introductions and matchmaking
  • Easily plug in meeting tools such as Teams and Zoom

Benefits for your members

  • Connect with other members in a secure space
  • Access their connection history without the need for searching email trails
  • Build commercial alliances and high-value relationships


Develop an interactive shop window where each member can provide information on themselves or their company/organisation

Benefits for you

  • Transform member databases from Excel spreadsheets into a dynamic space where members can promote themselves, search for other members, and connect with each other

Benefits for your members

  • Showcase their company, products and services with their own dedicated page on the platform
  • Promote their activities by sharing content, data and news with other members