Connecting Industry Associations - OCO Connect

Connecting Industry Associations

OCO Connect is a digital platform for Industry Associations that combines targeting, intelligence and engagement to help industry growth and become the go to place for companies in your community.

We provide a fully customisable and personalised experience with your own branding that allows your members to connect, share knowledge and collaborate 24/7. OCO Connect can help companies in your industry navigate the new way of working and provide a digital solution for your members.

One Platform to Inform, influence and engage your community.



  • Target companies to join your Industry Community
    VELOCITI provides access to over 10 million companies, both artificial intelligence and qualitative insights to provide actionable insights on the most dynamic and high growth companies.
  • Explore new markets and Emerging sector trends
    Analyse thousands of data points and visualise your results from world leading sources such as the World Bank, United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Covering key topics across trade and FDI, with key growth key growth data such as VC funding to highlight fast growers and also spot emerging trends.


  • Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news
    Access our customised newsfeeds providing you with the news that matters to you.
  • Company Intelligence and Signals
    VELOCITI combines both automation and a dedicated research team to ensure it is populated with the most relevant growth signals daily. Access our custom target lists, signals and trade shows along with live data streams of VC funded companies.


  • Connect with the right decision makers - Access over 400 million B2B contacts
    Our database allows you to connect with the right person in seconds.
  • Connect with Confidence
    All contact data is verified and GDPR, CCPA and ISO 27001 compliant.


Smart Matchmaking

  • They can showcase their products and services to ensure a perfect match.
  • Enrich showcases to inform prospects in a visual and informative way (e.g. pitch deck, embedded video and links to digital content).

Provide 365 engagement to grow your community

  • Create a unique community space to publish and share insights with your members
  • Set the rules of engagement and provide a secure meeting environment to meet in confidence
  • Facilitate direct interaction on 1:1 and one to many basis around events and in communities

Brand the platform as your own and connect it with the tools you love

  • Integrate the platform into your website with custom branding and colours
  • Connect with your email server to enable the platform to send emails on your behalf
  • Connect with your ticket or registration app to give participants instant access.
  • Connect with your CRM app to keep your profiles updated and act on it.